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Waterlog & Searching for Sebald

The Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery has just announced the opening of a new exhibition that reflects the ongoing relevance of W.G. Sebald to contemporary visual artists, who find common cause and inspiration in his writings.Waterlog includes specially commissioned works created by seven artists who were asked to respond to the landscape of East Anglia, which Sebald explored in The Rings of Saturn: Tacita Dean, Marcus Coates, Alec Finlay and Guy Moreton (working collaboratively), Alexander and Susan Maris (also working as a team), and Simon Pope.

Waterlog has an extensive website (with its own blog) at Click here to go to the Waterlog website.

Although there does not appear to be a catalog for Waterlog, there is another ambitious project to look forward to and this one will have a publication. Searching for Sebald is being edited by Lise Platt for the Institute of Cultural Inquiry in Los Angeles and will also be available through Distributed Art Press and Amazon. The book is due out later this spring and will include an extensive number of essays and artist’s projects. According to the ICI’s website, the monograph “will be the first to explore Sebald’s fictive world through the idiosyncratic and anti-heroic photographs that propel and interrupt his labyrinthine narratives. The book will also feature an English translation of an interview Sebald gave in 1997 in which he talks exclusively about his use of photographs. It contains some of Sebald’s most illuminating and poetic remarks about the topic yet.”

Of perhaps even more interest is the fact that ICI is also creating a special edition of 100 “traveling suitcases” that will sell for $500. Each suitcase will include artwork by twenty invited artists. I have mine reserved!For more information visit Click here to go to the Sebald page at the ICI.

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  1. Jeremy Millar #

    With regard to the ‘Waterlog’ exhibition, an accompanying publication will be launched in about a month’s time; please also look for a related event at Tate Britain on 29 September.

    August 17, 2007
  2. Jeremy – Great news. Thank you for the tip on the forthcoming book.

    Here is the description of the Tate event Jeremy mentions:

    The Printed Path

    Landscape, Walking and Recollection
    Conference at Tate Britain
    Saturday 29 September 2007, 10.00–17.00

    If ‘place’ is the settling of history onto landscape, is everywhere, in some sense, imprinted with memories of the past? Taking the late German-born writer WG Sebald as their guide, artists and writers consider our relationship to place and its recollection. This event includes key contributions from Marina Warner and Iain Sinclair, amongst others, as well as films, readings and other interventions from artists Tacita Dean, Alec Finlay and Simon Pope. Curated by Jeremy Millar and Steven Bode.

    August 17, 2007
  3. The ‘Waterlog’ publication Jeremy mentions will be launched at Tate Britain on Saturday 29 September, following ‘The Printed Path’ conference. Details as follows:

    ‘Waterlog: Journeys Around an Exhibition’
    ISBN 978-1-904270-24-9
    180x228mm (w x h) 128 pages

    Steven Bode, Brian Dillon, Matthew Hollis, Robert Macfarlane, Jeremy Millar, George Szirtes

    To mark the midway point of ‘Waterlog’, an accompanying publication coincides with the Lincoln staging of the project. ‘Waterlog: Journeys Around an Exhibition’ charts the course of the project so far and strikes out to pursue parallel paths and open up further lines of enquiry. A visual record of the various artists’ works, documented through installation photographs of its previous incarnation in Norwich, this limited edition 128 pp book features a number of specially commissioned texts, including typically inventive contributions from ‘Waterlog’ artist Alec Finlay, a new poem, ‘East’, by Matthew Hollis, and essays by writers Robert Macfarlane and Brian Dillon. In acknowledgement of W.G. Sebald, whose writings were a source of inspiration for the project, the book reprints two texts dedicated to his memory: ‘Backwaters: Norfolk Fields’ by George Szirtes, and Tacita Dean’s eponymous visual essay on the author

    Distributed through Art Data

    More at:

    September 24, 2007

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