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September 2008 Sebald Conference

The University of East Anglia, where W.G. Sebald taught for approximately three decades, has announced a Sebald conference for the first weekend in September 2008. For sake of convenience, I just did a cut and paste of their Call for Papers.

W.G.Sebald: An International and Interdisciplinary Conference

University of East Anglia, Friday 5th – Sunday 7th September 2008.

Keynote Speakers include:

Professor Dame Gillian Beer
Anthea Bell
Adam Phillips
James Wood

W. G. ‘Max’ Sebald taught European Literature and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia until his untimely death in 2001. Reluctant to call his work ‘novels’, he published hybrid books that meditate upon history, human tragedy, memory, writing and the inner life. Sebald wrote against the mainstream contemporary novel but in an unmistakably distinctive voice. This conference will honour Sebald’s memory, and provide a unique opportunity to assess the significance of his oeuvre, by bringing together critics from across disciplinary and national boundaries to reflect on his writing, and also by placing his texts in a wider creative context provided by several special events. The conference will include a performance based on Sebald’s work by colleagues from UEA’s Drama Studio, an exhibition of visual material relating to his writing from the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and an opportunity to retrace some of Sebald’s steps around the East Anglian countryside.

Topics for panels will include the following aspects of Sebald’s writing: Art, Architecture, Photography, Poetry, Trauma, Place, Exile, Walking, Memory, Translation, History, and Humour.

Organizing Committee:

Dr Jeannette Baxter
Dr Jean Boase-Beier
Dr Valerie Henitiuk
Amanda Hopkinson
Professor Lyndsey Stonebridge


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  1. Dr Patrik Sjoberg #

    Dear Jeanette Baxter,

    is there anyway I could get an abstract considered for the Sebald Conference in September, well knowing that I am just over 2 weeks late?

    I’m a Assistant Professor in Film Studies at Karlstad University in Sweden and I have been teaching Sebald in relation to contemporary documentary theory for the last few years. I would be very sad indeed to miss the opportunity to be considered for this great event.

    Best regards, Patrik Sjoberg.

    April 16, 2008

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