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Going Quiet for the Moment…

It should come as no surprise to any reader of W.G. Sebald that Nature wins out in the end. Hundreds of square blocks of downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where I live, are flooded – not by inches of water but by many feet of water. While I and my family are safe, many of the things that are important to the place I call home are not – museums, theaters, libraries, businesses run by friends, my bank… – are endangered.

My days are busy with gas-powered generators and water pumps and other things I did not receive training for in college. My nights are filled with sleep. When life returns to a balance, I should be able to complete my commentary on Adam Thirlwell’s book The Delightful States.

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  1. How awful to hear that such things are endangered. It is good, though, to hear you and your family are safe. I hope that’s a widespread state of affairs in the area.

    Indeed, Nature (we have to captialise it at some point, given its implacable force) does win out. The paradoxical tensions intrinsic to Nature – beauty and destruction – are incapable of being resolved. This now makes me wonder what Sebald’s work has to say on this aspect of all things natural..

    Take care,
    Chris (Attic Fantasist)

    June 14, 2008
  2. Good luck, Terry, stay safe and keep all the things safe.

    June 14, 2008
  3. The Delighted States was published in the UK as Miss Herbert and I thoroughly enjoyed it when I read it last year – largely because I knew little about many of the writers featured (it introduced me to Robert Walser, for example, whose novel The Assistant I have since read). Critics in the press were less enthusiastic, though (one called it “a monumentally annoying book”). I look forward to seeing which side of the fence you fall on!

    And good luck with the flood-recovery.

    June 17, 2008
  4. I wish that I had a easy solution for you. This will take alot of work with the civil engeneers and city planners to bring things back to normal.

    July 2, 2008

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