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What We’ve Missed – The Sebald Conference Program

For those of us who were far from East Anglia this past weekend, I thought it might be fun to post the entire program for the symposium on W.G. Sebald that we’ve missed.  If nothing else, it provides a nice overview of where current Sebald scholarship is headed.  The program has been available for awhile on the website of the University of East Anglia, but only as several downloadable files.  Here it is without the hassle.  If anyone attended and would care to comment, please do!

W. G. Sebald: An International and Interdisciplinary Conference
University of East Anglia, Friday 5th-Sunday 7th September 2008

Friday 5th September
4.00 – 4.30 p.m.
Opening session with Bill Macmillan, Vice-Chancellor of the University

4.30 – 5.30 p.m. Plenary I
Keynote speaker Will Self Reverse Engineering the Synoptic I, Towards an Understanding of W. G. Sebald’s Methodology (Chair: Amanda Hopkinson)

8.30 – 10.30 p.m.
Studio performance: Walking with Max with Ralph Yarrow, Carl Lavery, Gordon Turner and Lawrence Bratby.

Stephen Watts on Sebald

Saturday 6th September
9.15 – 10.15 a.m. Plenary 2
Keynote speaker Gillian Beer Sebald in the City (Chair: Rebecca Stott)

10.40 – 12.30 PARALLEL SESSIONS 1
Group 1: Memory 1 (Chair: Natania Rosenfeld)
Kathy Behrendt Scraping Down the Past: Personal Memory and Collective Forgetting in the works of W.G. Sebald

David Ferris The Distortion of Presence: Sebald’s Ethical Memory

Patrick Madden Walking, Researching, Remembering: The Rings of Saturn as Essay

Joanna Luloff Documenting Memory: Hybrid Storytelling and the Question of Genre in Sebald’s Austerlitz

Group 2: Walking/Travel I (Chair: Simon Cooke)

Natania Rosenfeld Modern and Postmodern Street Haunting: Virginia Woolf and W.G. Sebald

George Hyde Borrow and Sebald: Traveller’s Tales of Wonders

Group 3: Place I (Chair: Jeannette Baxter)

Deane Blackler Whose Funeral? W. G. Sebald and J. M. W Turner in Switzerland and Wales

Peter Filkins Sebald, H.G. Adler, and Theresienstadt

David Darby Les Gares d’Austerlitz

Sebastian Groes A cartography of loss: The Rings of Saturn and East Anglia

Group 4: Sebald and Art I (Chair: Amanda Hopkinson)

Nicola Hauk From Giotto to Auerbach – The reproduction of paintings in W. G. Sebald’s prose work

Gerhard Lang Coincidence: A Performative Approach

Markus Dorfmuller Two hikes following books of W.G. Sebald

1.45 – 2.45 p.m. Plenary 3
Keynote speaker Adam Phillips Sebald and the Idea of the Real Thing (Chair: Lyndsey Stonebridge)

2.45 – 4. 35 PARALLEL SESSIONS 2
Group 1: Memory II (Chair: Jeannette Baxter)

Martha Wiseman Archaeology of Memory: The Rings of Saturn

Silke Arnold-de Simine The Museum, Memory Media and Media Nostalgia in Sebald’s Austerlitz

Jakob Lothe Narrative, Memory and Textual Picture: W. G. Sebald’s Luftkrieg und Literatur and Austerlitz

Group 2: Walking/Travel II (Chair: Valerie Henitiuk)

Amanda Hopkinson Location, Locomotion (and a Locomotive): time and place in WG Sebald’s Rings of Saturn

Carolin Duttlinger A wrong turn of the wheel: Sebald’s journeys of (in)attention

Eluned Summers-Bremner Dust, Ash, Desolation: Sebald’s Traces

Group 3:Trauma, History, Remembering I (Chair: Robert Clark)

Graeme Gilloch The Arca Project: Sebald on Corsica

Marton Farkas ‘Hypertonische Auswüchse’ – Monumental and Personal Architectural Histories in the Works of W.G. Sebald

Matt Pritchard Writing (toward) the Other: Sebald’s Encounter with Levinas and the Testimonial Imperative

Group 4: Sebald and the Arts II (Chair: Erin Soros)

Doris Chon W.G. Sebald’s Lepidoptery: Moths, Butterflies, and Photographic Allegory

Elyse Graham Photography in Sebald’s work

Ton Naaijkens Like a ray floats. Sebald, poet of quiet disasters

6.15 – 7.45 p.m.
‘Poetry After Sebald’ with Lavinia Greenlaw, Matthew Hollis & George Szirtes

SUNDAY 7 September
12.00 – 1.00 p.m. Plenary 4
Keynote speaker Anthea Bell Working on the Translation of W.G Sebald – With and Without the Author (Chair: Jean Boase-Beier)

Group 1: Trauma, History, Remembering II (Chair: Graham Gilloch)

Will Stone At Risk of Interment: W. G. Sebald at Trezin and Breendonk

Karen Remmler Archival Haunting and the Work of Memory: Sebald’s Writing as Counterpoint to the Art of Rosamond Purcell, Arnold Dreyblatt and Rachel Lichtenstein

Stephanie Cross Writing Affect in Austerlitz

3.45 – 5.00 p.m Closing session (Chair: Jo Catling)
Mary Jacobus ‘Pastoral after History: The Apple Orchard

Clive Scott Still Life, Portrait, Photography, Narrative in the Work of W.G. Sebald

Group 2: Literary Technique/Narrative (Chair: David Darby)

Richard Murphy On the Natural History of Destruction and Other Fictions: Sebald, History and Storytelling

Graham Lavis Double Plots in the Fiction of Sebald

Hanne Hasenkamp “It appears … that this is your real name“: The meanings of Max – author presence in W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz

Group 3: Searching (Chair: Jeannette Baxter)

Graley Herren The Return of the Repressed Mother in Sebald’s Novels

Muriel Pic From biographical investigation to literary empathy: symptoms, clues and traces in W. G. Sebald’s stories

Erin Soros Sebald, Levinas, and the Ethics of the Picaresque Encounter

Group 4: Ethics/ The Rings of Saturn
(Chair: Eluned Summers-Bremner)

Simon Murray Arriving from the oblique: W.G Sebald and contemporary performance practices

Spring Ulmer The Silent Bomb in W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn

Vera Akhtyrskaya The Realization of the Baroque Paradigm in W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn: Intermedial Aspects

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  1. Patrick Pound #

    Does anyone know if a publication of any or all of the conference papers is going to happen? cheers, PP

    September 15, 2008
  2. For those of you who might be able to read German (although a google translation does actually not too bad a dadaist job on the text, I noted), and those of you who—like me—would have loved to hear Sebald himself at this conference: I happened to fly back from England with Sebald very recently.

    September 25, 2008
  3. Karol #

    There has been a short article published in FAZ Feuilleton by Patrick Bahners, Norwich – with a remark to the conference. Have a look at:

    September 26, 2008

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