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Sebald Events in Brussels

Follwing up on a tip from a Vertigo reader I can mention several W.G. Sebald events happening in Brussels.  From February 6 – March 1, 2009, there is an “expo” entitled w.g. sebald: zerstreute reminiszenzen happening at Het beschrijf, Brussels.

From their website:

Het beschrijf is a literary organisation with its home in Brussels, the multilingual, hybrid city on which it bases its operations.

Het beschrijf organises literary evenings, encounters with authors, debates, festivals and special projects on contemporary Dutch-language and other literatures. One of its ongoing tasks is to introduce lesser-known literatures. Het beschrijf provides the substance for the activities of the Passa Porta International House of Literature, a unique workplace and meeting place that puts Brussels fairly and squarely on the literary map.

They also announce the following reading from Sebald’s works, which seems to be scheduled for either February 26 or March 29 (or maybe both days?).

Eugène Bervoets – W.G. Sebald

Passa Porta Monologue

Actor Eugène Bervoets reads a selection of his stories on the border of fact and fiction, memory and forgetting, vitality and melancholy. An introduction to a 20th-century great.

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