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Hommage à Sebald

sebald_75A few days ago I wrote about publisher Hamish Hamilton’s downloadable magazine Five Dials, which is currently full of articles on W.G. Sebald.  Sebald’s French publisher, Actes Sud, has something similar going on – an author guide to Sebald – and it, too, is in downloadable pdf format.  [This item has been removed from the Actes Sud website.  9/2013.]  It’s a very nice overview of  Sebald’s books that have been translated into French and includes short excerpts from Campo Santo and Lynn Sharon Schwartz’s anthology Conversations avec W.G. Sebald .  It is interesting to note that Logis in einem Landhaus has already been translated into French (as Séjours a la Campagne), but has still not appeared in English.

Here’s Actes Sud’s description of the brochure:

A l’occasion de la parution de son livre posthume Campo Santo, nous aimerions rendre hommage à l’éminent écrivain de langue allemande W. G. Sebald, disparu tragiquement en 2001, à seulement cinquante-sept ans.
Pour lui donner malgré tout la parole, nous publions en même temps que Campo Santo un recueil de cinq passionnants entretiens qu’il avait accordés aux Etats-Unis — rassemblés et présentés par Lynne Sharon Schwartz sous le titre L’Archéologue de la mémoire.

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  1. I was hesitant to send you the paper version of this booklet, not knowing if you were also interested in french items for your collection. Anyways, I took two of them in the bookstore. Should you be interested in getting one, don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Best regards,

    PS: In French a “tribute” is correctly spelled as ‘hommage’ (double m).

    February 18, 2009

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