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Sebald Podcast …en français


Table-ronde W. G. Sebald /Traduire…. a recent radio program about W.G. Sebald is currently available as a podcast on the Radio France website.   The program, which aired March 14, 2009,  is a discussion between two French translators, Christophe Claro and Bernard Hoepffner.   Claro has translated a number of contemporary American writers, including William H. Gass, William T. Vollman, and Thomas Pynchon.  Hoepffner has translated fiction by Robert Coover, Mark Twain, Gilbert Sorrentino, and many others.

(I’m told that this interview will be moved to a Radio France archive site after a while.  So if the link stops working, please leave me a comment and I’ll find and post the proper archival link.)  Listening to the program requires RealNetworks RealPlayer.

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  1. Romain #

    Only the first part of the program is focused on Sebald. It is a review of his most recent works translated in french (Campo santo, Conversations with WG Sebald), which have been avalaible for a long time in english (I read Campo Santo a few years ago thanks to the english translation).
    The discussion is interesting but as a french reader I will always regret that he has been recognized a little bit to late, at a time when only his “secondary” (but excellent) works are published .
    However the academic works in french exist and are increasing. They include a special issue of the Revue Germanique (2005), a book (to be issued) written by Murile Pic (Sebald- L’image papillon). I especially suggest Martine Carré’s WG Sebald, Le Retour de l’auteur, published by the Presses universitaires de Lyon. I’ve read almost all the academic works in english, but they all are collections of short essays. Martine Carré’s one is the only complete and long essay (320 pages) I know on Sebald. It focuses on the four great novels and proposes an interesting interpretation of their connections and general meaning.
    A last word: I wondered if you knew the works of English artist Patrick Keiller. I’ve seen his two wonderful movies London and Robinson in space, which I find very sebaldian. Two months ago Terence Davies’ Of Time and the City was released on French screens and I’ve noticed many connections with Sebaldian prose too.
    I also wanted to make the most of the situation to thank you for the work you’ve done through this website, which is a gold mine to me. Thanks to your posts I was able to see the film on Sebald in Paris and the recent exposition in Brussels. My uncertain english had prevented me from praising you until now.

    Romain, Paris

    April 24, 2009
    • Deane Blackler #

      Il y a trois ans j’ai écrit quelques mots au sujet de Keiller et Sebald: à UNSW. Rodopi, Amsterdam, en presse (ed. Gerhard Fisher)

      April 30, 2009
      • Romain #


        I’ve tried to find your article on the web but couldn’t.

        Would you mind giving me a link to download or purchase it? I’m very interested in.

        Thank You

        June 16, 2009
  2. Deane Blackler #

    Il y a trois ans j’ai écrit quelques mots au sujet de Keiller et Sebald: à UNSW. Rodopi, Amsterdam, en presse (ed. Gerhard Fischer)

    April 30, 2009

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