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Eyewitnesses at Snape Maltings

Film still from Grant Gee’s Patience (After Sebald)

The first eye witness accounts of the recent Sebald events at Snape Maltings are beginning to appear online.  I highly recommend the substantial and intelligent post “After Sebald,”  over at Attic Fantasist, which gives both the flavor of the event and a running commentary.

The Financial Times‘ Ariane Bankes’ review of the weekend is also online.

Jonathan Derbyshire’s take on the weekend for the New Statesman is also now online.

[Vertigo is going dark for the next two weeks while I do some traveling, some of which will be to a place with sunshine, warmth and an ocean!]

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  1. graham head #

    “On first hearing,Robot Records’ vinyl reissue of Christopher Heemann’s self release “The Rings of Saturn” sounds like a set of raw recordings barely touched by human hands.And you could argue that naming after a W G Sebald novel immediately limits the listener to a narrow path through it. Yet Heemann’s artful editing and tweaking of his own field recordings from 1997- 2008 is utterly in tune to the musicality of the novel’s layering and interweaving of narrative threads” The Wire Mar 2011 Chris Bohn Editor. Page 4

    February 27, 2011
  2. The article about the Aldeburgh Sebald Weekend in this week’s De Groene Amsterdammer is also on line now, but only for subscribers, so you can better buy the Groene at your local newsagent – or subscribe…

    March 10, 2011
  3. Gordon Turner #

    Interesting discussion on the BBC 3 Arts programme Nightwaves on 18 January in advance of the release of Patience (After Sebald):

    Anyone who has tried to recreate the walk along the Suffolk coast, as described in The Rings of Saturn, will recognise the frustration alluded to!

    February 3, 2012

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