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Double Sebald

In December 2011, a double issue of the Journal of European Studies will be devoted to W.G. Sebald, memorializing the tenth anniversary of his death.  Edited by Sebald’s close colleague  Prof. Richard Sheppard, the issue will include what Sheppard calls “a properly edited version” of Sebald’s 1966 undergraduate thesis on Carl Sternheim and a translation of his 1974 travelogue about East Anglia, “which clearly prefigures Die Ringe des Saturn“.  The website for the journal implies that single issues can be bought for $26, but email them for details first.  Or maybe this is the time to finally spring for a subscription ($81) or see if your nearby college library subscribes (at the $809 annual institutional subscription rate).

A few seconds on Google produced a couple of references to other articles that will apparently be included in the issue (at least according to their authors’ curricula vitae): “The ‘Solitary Mallard’: On W.G. Sebald in/and Translation,” by Dr. Lynn L. Wolff, University of Wisconsin; “‘Der Schatten des Widerstandes’: W.G. Sebald and the Frankfurt School,” by Dr. Ben Hutchinson, University of Kent; “‘Er gab mir, was äußerst ungewöhnlich war, zum Abschied die Hand’: On Touch and Tact in W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz and Die Ausgewanderten,” by Dr. Stephanie Bird, University College London.

This is definitely a publication that anyone interested in Sebald is going to need.

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