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Sebald Events at Edinburgh International Book Festival

Just a reminder that there are two events on W.G. Sebald scheduled during the upcoming Edinburgh International Book Festival.

On Sunday, August 28: “AN ENDURING LEGACY Will Self discusses the work of W G Sebald, a writer whose style earned him comparisons with Calvino, Kafka and Thomas Bernhard among others. Sebald wandered around his home in East Anglia and used his meanderings – alongside grainy reproductions of his own photographs – as the starting point for books which became highly influential for many writers today. Self explains why he remains a key figure in contemporary writing.”

On Monday, August 29: “WRITING, LANDSCAPE AND MEMORY Ten years after his untimely death in a car crash, W G Sebald’s influence on contemporary literature continues to grow. This event brings together three authors with a particular interest in the German writer: Jo Catling worked with Sebald in East Anglia and has translated several of his works from German; Daniel Medin has written a book on Sebald’s debt to the work of Kafka; and Geoff Dyer has brilliantly compared Sebald with the Austrian author Thomas Bernhard.”

The event descriptions are from the Festival website.

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