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Antwerp Central to Show in New York

The film Antwerp Central will be showing October 21 and 22 during New York’s Architecture and Design Film Festival.  In fact,  the entire Festival line-up looks very enticing.  I first wrote about Antwerp Central, directed by Peter Krüger, back in May.  Here are the program notes from the Festival website:

ANTWERP CENTRAL takes the viewer on a journey through the physical and mental space of Antwerp’s railway cathedral, from its construction to the present day. The film covers three centuries of Belgian railway history: from the moment that the national railway company laid its first tracks to the development of the high-speed rail link in the 21st century. Echoes of Belgium’s colonial past and the location of the station in the centre of the bustling diamond district and next to the city zoo add a surreal touch as contrasting pairs, such as animal and human, nature and industry, baroque and modernity, dilapidation and renovation are complexly juxtaposed.

Drawing inspiration from the book Austerlitz by W.G. Sebald, screenwriter/director Peter Krüger approaches Antwerp Central Railway Station as a magical realistic location where present and past, history and daily life, fiction and reality are in constant flux. Running as a thread through the film are the dreams and reminiscences of a traveler, played by Johan Leysen, who arrives at Antwerp Central and through whose eyes we observe the station.

Leysen appeared last year in the Anton Corbijn film The American, which starred George Clooney.

Postcard of Central Station, Antwerp, constructed 1895-1905
Architect: Louis Delacenserie

[By the way, hop over to Night RPM and read one viewer’s response to the film Patience (After Sebald), which just showed in New York.]

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  1. Alice #

    Please add me to your list.

    October 4, 2011
  2. Steph #

    Wilton’s Music Hall in London is having a memorial event for W.G Sebald. They are going to have films, readings, and music, as well as guest speakers, including Ian Bostridge, A.S. Byatt, Grant Gee, Rachel Lichtenstein, Katie Mitchell, Andrew Motion, Iain Sinclair, Marina Warner, Stephen Watts and more. His UK publisher and editor will be at the event as well, so there will be lots of insight and opinions on his work. Sounds like a great way to honour him!! Check it out:

    October 4, 2011
    • Steph, I’ll post something about this in a few weeks.


      October 4, 2011

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