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Sebald Events August 2012 (and beyond)

If you are in New York City next week, here’s an event for you.  Superscript is promoting the next meeting of the Architecture and Design Book Club and the topic is W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz.  According to their website, “Superscript is an editorial consultancy working with designers and architects. We specialize in  content strategy and development across a broad range of media channels and platforms, from twitter wall to TED talk. We find new, effective ways of communicating ideas through writing, editing, curation, and programming.”  The discussion will be led by Mark Lamster, a writer currently at work on a biography of architect Philip Johnson.  Here are the details from Superscript’s website.

Superscript invites you to the third meeting of ADBC, the Architecture and Design Book Club, with our special guest Mark Lamster.

On Thursday, August 23 join Superscript and author Mark Lamster for a discussion of W.G. Sebald’s text Austerlitz (2001), the story of an architectural historian in post-WWII Europe who finds the keys to his mysterious childhood memories through buildings, objects, and the urban landscape. “[Sebald] is an addiction and once buttonholed by his books, you have neither the wish nor the will to tear yourself away.”–Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

Superscript will be hosting the third edition of ADBC in the storefront lounge of WeWork’s landmarked building in Soho. We’ll have copies of the text available, but feel free to B.Y.O. Book! We also have several copies of Austerlitz available to giveaway to guests, courtesy of Random House. Be one of the first three to email a suggested reading for our next book club to, and you’ll receive a free copy of Austerlitz in advance of August 23 (copies available as of August 14).

Guest: Mark Lamster, author, Design Observer columnist, and Associate American Editor of The Architectural Review.

Venue: The Lounge at WeWork Soho, 154 Grand Street @ Lafayette Street

Date: Thursday, August 23, 2012

6:30pm Introduction
6:45-7:30pm Discussion, Q&A
7:30pm Drinks reception

ADBC is a free and public book club. We invite anyone to drop in and join our informal conversations in different venues around the city.

A bit farther down the road is an event happening this October in London.  On her website, Helen Finch, who teaches at the University of Leeds, provides detailed information about a conference she is organizing in collaboration with Dr. Lynn Wolff of the University of Stuttgart, entitled H. G. Adler/W. G. Sebald: Witnessing, Memory, Poetics.  This will be held at the Institute for Germanic and Romantic Studies (London) on October 11 2012.  A keynote address by Peter Filkins will be held on October 10 at the Austrian Cultural Forum London.

On her blog, Finch also recently described her newly-finished book on Sebald, which is now being looked at for publication.  Finch writes: “My working title is A madness most discreet: Melancholy bachelors, queer desires and Oedipal trouble in the works of W. G. Sebald, though a publisher might well want to change that!”  I very much look forward to seeing her book in print.

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  1. Reblogged this on Helen Finch and commented:
    I’m thrilled that the ‘H. G. Adler/ W. G. Sebald’ conference and my ‘Queer Sebald’ book have been written about by Terry Pitts of Vertigo. Thank you so much!

    August 18, 2012
  2. Great, Helen and Terry.:) I am so glad the recurrent theme of Sebald and homosociality and his gay/queer characters and narrators is at last being addressed in academic circles, as only Helen,myself and Eric Santner(with a a few cursory mentions and references to Sebald on masculinity by others) have hitherto tackled this subject in any depth.Here is to even more investigations of the amazing, multi-facted visions and scope Sebald offers up to us!Steve Benson(“Decayetude” blog)

    August 18, 2012
    • jmc #

      Hi Stephen
      don’t forget to send us details of your work on this for the ongoing bibliography! There is another article on this as well – check the bibl. in Saturn’s Moons! Jo

      September 30, 2012
      • Hi, Jo; are u Jo Caitlin?:)I have read “Saturns Moons” but failed to notice the article; so i shall peruse the bibiography!Yes my work on Sebald and homosexuality, as regards his narrators and characters,appears in my two blogs; who do i send it to? YOU directly?Though they are blogs, they are fairly academic!Thanks Steve

        September 30, 2012
  3. jmc #

    Reply to Steve (decaytude), re masculinity/ homosocio-/-sexuality:
    I’m sure Terry’s readers would like the links to your blogs on this too! The article is in German: Klaus Bonn: ‘Homoerotik, Hasard, Hysterie unter anderem: Zur Figuration der Männlichkeit bei W. G. Sebald’, Forum Homosexualität und Literatur, 49 (2007), 5-40.
    Sorry if I mixed you up with a namesake who is a colleague of mine.

    October 22, 2012

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