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New Sebald Handbook


Springer Verlag and J.B Metzler have just announced a significant handbook on W.G. Sebald. W.G. Sebald-Handbuch: Leben – Werk – Wirkung, edited by Claudia Öhlschläger and Michael Niehaus. I don’t have any further information about the volume’s contents, beyond what can be found on the publisher’s website. The hardcover version is scheduled for release on March 22, 2017. An ebook is also forthcoming. Details here.

The volume contains contributions from a number of Sebald researchers, who deal with his entire body of work as a writer. Essays cover Sebald’s themes (trauma and memory, the natural history of destruction, the Holocaust, home, etc.) as well as the characteristics of his writing (intertextuality, the connection of text and image, etc.), his guiding motifs (melancholy, travel), and the presence of other media (photography, painting, architecture) in his texts. From the publisher’s website:

Trotz seines schmalen Œuvres wurde kein deutschsprachiger Autor der Gegenwartsliteratur international so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie W.G. Sebald, der fünfzehn Jahre nach seinem Tod bereits zum kanonischen Autor geworden ist. Die Beiträge namhafter Sebald-Forscher erschließen in diesem Handbuch die verschiedenen Facetten und Ebenen des gesamten literarischen und essayistischen Werks. Sebalds Themen (Trauma und Erinnerung, die Naturgeschichte der Zerstörung, Holocaust, Heimat) werden ebenso beleuchtet wie die Merkmale seines Schreibens (Intertextualität, Bastelei, Verbindung von Text und Bild, Stil), seine Leitmotive (Melancholie, Reisen) sowie die Präsenz anderer Medien und Künste (Photographie, Malerei, Architektur) in seinen Texten. Eigene Teile sind den für Sebald wichtigsten Referenzautoren und der nationalen und internationalen Rezeption gewidmet.

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  1. Klavs Wulff #

    Dear Terry, I would just like to thank you for continuing Vertigo.I am a longstanding “afecionado” of Sebald and had the pleasure of being invited to the 2007 Annual Seminar at New Anglian University as informed reader. Finally I would like to mention a relative new Sebald monography: Sebald’s vision, by Carol Jacobs, Colombia University Press, 2015. Have you commented on this book ? Many regards and thanks Klavs Wulff

    Sendt fra min iPad

    > Den 8. feb. 2017 kl. 17.18 skrev Vertigo : > > >

    February 8, 2017
    • Klavs, Thank you for the kind words. I have read Carol Jacobs book and was not too impressed, so I decided not to write about it. What did you think of it? – Terry

      February 8, 2017
  2. Martin Shaw #

    “In spite of his slim ouevre…” – it’s funny, I’ve never considered Sebald’s publication history modest! To be sure, he did only have a short career as a literary author. But to have published all those books between 1988-2001 seems a rather mighty achievement to me!

    February 9, 2017

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