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“Ambros Adelwarth” as Contemporary Dance


The fabulous Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company is currently working on a major new dance called Analogy, which involves using W.G. Sebald’s story of Ambros Adelwarth from The Emigrants as part of the program. Here’s the official description from the company’s website.

Analogy (working title) is the Company’s newest creation, currently in development. Bill T. Jones, along with Janet Wong (Associate Artistic Director of the Company) and the Company dancers, are developing a new evening-length work in two parts, focusing on the memory and the effect that powerful events have on the actions of individuals and-more importantly-on their often unexpressed inner life. In Analogy (working title), Jones continues to explore the intermingling of text, storytelling and movement, paying special attention to how new experiences can be had through the coalescing of these elements. Informing the work are two literary sources-an interview conducted by Jones with Dora Amelan (a French-Jewish nurse and social worker) chronicling her life experiences, as well as the story of Ambros Adelwarth, from W.G. Sebald’s celebrated historical novel, The Emigrants – that ruminate on the nature of service and duty, and inquire into the characteristics of a life well lived.

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Radio Play Ambros Adelwarth

By chance, I stumbled on a couple of links to a BBC radio play based on the third chapter of W.G. Sebald’s The Emigrants. The adaptation was done by Edward Kemp, whose website describes him as “a UK-based writer, theatre director, translator and dramaturg.” Here is the brief description of the play found there:

The Emigrants – Ambros Adelwarth. First broadcast BBC Radio 3 2001. Dramatisation of the story by WG Sebald. Adapted and directed by Edward Kemp, Produced by Jeremy Mortimer with Technical Presentation by Peter Ringrose. Music by Gary Yershon. Cast: John Wood, Henry Goodman, Eleanor Bron, Ed Bishop, Margaret Robertson, Andrew Sachs, John Schwab, Jasmine Hyde, Thomas Arnold, Maximillian Gräber. Violin – Anne Wood. “… richly enjoyable and haunting radio play” – Gillian Reynolds, Daily Telegraph.

A website devoted to British radio listings (no longer extant, unfortunately) once provided slightly different information about The Emigrants – Ambros Adelwarth:

Adapted by Edward Kemp from W G Sebald’s acclaimed novel about the experiences of Jewish emigrants. Inspired by an old photograph album to investigate the life of a lost relative, a man finds himself on a journey that traverses the 20th century, leading him from an American asylum to the shores of the Dead Sea. With John Wood (W), Henry Goodman (Ambros Adelwarth), Eleanor Bron (Aunt Fini), Ed Bishop (Uncle Kasimir), Margaret Robertson (Aunt Lina), Andrew Sachs (Dr Abramsky), Cosmo Solomon (John Schwab), Thomas Arnold, Jamsine Hyde and Maximilian Graber. Music by Gary Yershon. Directed by Edward Kemp.

That’s all I can find out about this tantalizing play.